27 – What do you need? No really, what do you need?

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Kia ora, hi, hello and welcome to this episode of The Rules Are Made Up, I am really embracing the concept of making up my own rules at the moment. 

For a while I thought I had to publish these episodes every week and on a particular day, and as much as that kind of you know, having a bit of structure, having a bit of a framework and some kind of format to follow is helpful. It actually has been quite freeing to not do this, which is interesting. 

And it sort of leads me into what I wanted to talk about in this episode, which is the fact that I think, I can put it down to, – let me, let me start again. 

Thinking my brain was trying to go in three different directions at the same time. 

Now, so I think some of the reasoning behind or some of the reasons why it’s been feeling a bit easier, or I’ve not struggled to not follow this kind of structure that I gave myself in those rules is that I’ve been asking myself a very particular question over the last few weeks. 

And I’m putting it down to the fact that I asked myself that question and actually let myself answer it honestly and then kind of let that guide me for the past few weeks and so this episode and the question – it’s coming, I know I’m kind of building it up, trust me the question I’m about to ask it. 

But I wanted to record an episode on that question or the fact that we don’t ask ourselves that question enough and so. 

The question is: 

What do you need? 

Simple as that. 

What do you need? 

That was a very dramatic long pause there, I apologize, but isn’t that funny that a question, like that’s so simple, can make us feel stumped. 

Not it actually took me a while to figure out what is it, what is it that I actually need – not even what you want that’s a whole other story. 

But what is it that I need? 

As per the theme of a few, the last few episodes I think it’s having time to rest and to take breaks and letting myself do that. 

Giving myself permission to rest and to have days where I don’t do much. 

But it really also is doing things my way and really making up my rules and not having to follow some arbitrary structure, or some arbitrary way of recording and hosting this podcast, of running my business, because there’s so much guidance, tools, coaching, messaging whatever you want to call that, there’s so much out there that tells you the best way to do something, but it all contradicts each other and it makes you feel freaking confused and what’s worse, you lose sight of what it actually is that you need because you just start to, you might implement all this shit and follow all these plans that someone else is doing. 

And you realize it is not working for you, you’re burning yourself out ’cause you’re trying to do too much. 

Match what we do in the opposite, you’re not doing it now better now. 

There is nothing wrong with looking at what someone else is doing, or, you know, buying someone else’s plan even and using that as inspiration, like seeing you know, looking at it “Oh yeah, that’s, that’s what’s possible”  

And you know that’s a good starter for 10 that you can build on for you, but the thing is. 

And why this question of what do you need or what do I need (right) if you’re asking that question yourself, can be so powerful because you need to take those planes or those ideas and turn them into what works for you. 

Because someone else’s plan, someone else’s map, someone else’s whatever won’t work for you in exactly the same way, because you are not the same person. You don’t live the same life. You don’t have the same shit going on. 

OK, so that’s why asking yourself what do I need today, this week, this month, this season you can use it for whichever time frame you want to apply to it right? That’s why asking yourself that question is so important? 

Because it’s a way for you to get curious.  

And to find out what is really going on for you. 

I’m going to bring it to a close and keep this one short and sweet, because it really was about reminding you to ask yourself the question of what do I need and I’m going to give you some time in your day to go and ask yourself that question because I think it’s that important. 

As always, thank you for tuning into the rules are made-up and I’ll chat to you soon – until then, stay curious.