31 – when to push and when to stop

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transcript (unedited)

Hi. Hello and welcome to this episode of the Rules are made up. This is, I think, the fourth attempt at recording this. The first three attempts just full, like full transparency here. The first three attempts, I’d already changed my mind as to what I was going to talk about, but I recorded three, like five minute snippet.

None of them feel right, and I’m sitting here going, you know what? Maybe I’m just not in the mood to record this. Maybe I should just postpone it, focus on some other tasks I need to do today and you know, maybe do it over the weekend so that I can get this episode out next. , maybe just do it another time, because who actually cares?

It’s my timeline. I get to make the rules of this podcast because the, you know, the rules I made up is the name. So I get, I make them up if I want to. And so who says I have to publish next week? Right? But also I’m sitting here going, you know what, maybe me trying to re-record this three. is actually the thing I should be talking about because it’s a sign of my perfection as I’m showing, even though the show is called what it’s called, and even though I want to help you realize where perfectionism is showing for you and how to move away from that, I still have it too, right?

But also, . Sometimes there’s this fine line between

realizing the timing isn’t right and postponing something, or delaying something, and you know, stopping yourself, like if you, you know, aren’t feeling a hundred percent physically, for example, when you do a. and you start moving and then you decide, you know what, actually I’m gonna call it quits. Like there’s a time and a place for that.

Just like there might be a time and a place for me to not record this podcast today, because actually I’m in a shitty head space right now and you know, half the time the thoughts going through my head are, this is the last thing I want to be doing and you know, maybe I should just hit the stop button.

maybe another time, another day, another month. That’s what I would’ve done, and that would’ve been totally okay because that’s what I needed to do in that moment. But what I’m realizing as I’ve hit record and delete three times and record four times is that today I actually need to get this fucker done.

I need to record. , I need to sort it all out, get it ready for next week to be published so that you can listen to it and keep going on with my day, because pushing it out for me right now isn’t an option as much as I, I advocate for doing that if that is available to you because I believe in choice and.

but considering it’s the last week that my parents are here, we’ve got a few things planned over the weekend and everything else going on, I actually would not have time to record it and I would just rather get it done. Like sometimes, you know, when you aren’t sure if you wanna work out, but then you go and start, and then afterwards you feel, you feel great and you feel better for having done it.

I know that that’s the feeling. That I will have once I’ve finished recording this. And so that is why I’m sitting here, b blabbering on into the microphone talking to you. And because this is completely unscripted, I think the takeaway for you here, cause I don’t want this to be a massive episode, the takeaway for you is when you’re noticing those thoughts of, and just push it off.

Just do it another time. It’s okay. , that’s totally fine that you’re having those thoughts, right? But I want you to take a minute, give yourself a buffer before you do anything. When you notice those kinds of thoughts, give yourself a minute and check in with yourself and ask yourself, where could those thoughts be coming from?

Is it that you’re getting frustrated? Like I am getting frustrated with the fact that I recorded a fucking episode three times and it wasn’t right? Like, I was like, nah, it’s not, I. Start over. Right. I’m getting frustrated with that because I, I started over three times and so that was the leading sort of way that my, my headspace was, is in this frus, in this point of frustration, state of frustration actually is what, what I was looking for there.

Right? And that was driving my desire to push it off. But another day, another, you know, at another time. , I may have been in a different state, maybe not feeling physically well, which would’ve had an impact on, you know, my mental capacity and how I’m just generally doing. And in that situation, pushing it off may have been the thing that I needed, whereas realizing today I wanted to postpone.

Recording this out of frustration actually is the reason for me to keep pushing through that Frustra. and to still find a way to get it done. But I let myself acknowledge the frustration. You know, literally go, okay, okay, I can see what’s going on here. I see, I see what’s going on. And then make a decision after acknowledging it from a much more neutral place versus reacting.

And you know, basical. Throwing my mic back in its drawer and, you know, being in a bit of a huff and puff kind of state, I don’t, I’m, words are hard this morning. Apparently I need more coffee. So with that, I’m gonna leave you, I’m gonna keep this episode short. So to recap, when you notice yourself think.

about wanting to push something off when you’re not sure you wanna keep going, and you just really feel this kind of mental ping pong of like, should I keep going? Should I stop? Nah, I wanna, but I should really do it. Take a minute, give yourself a buffer and really have a think is, where is this coming from?

Am I frustrated? Am I angry? Am I hungry or angry? or you know, check in with your, your yourself physically. Are you feeling okay? Are you feeling under the weather? What other things are going on? And then make a decision from the place of having acknowledged whatever is going on for you and moving on from there.

That’s all I’ve got. I thank you for tuning in to this episode, and I’ll catch you on the next one.