Choosing Courage

I fucking love Brené Brown and I love this quote. Courage is my word/theme for 2022 so what better way to start off 2022?

Yes, I’m one of those people who choose a word for the year. I think it’s a great practice as it’s fuelled by reflections, identifying what I want my future self to embody and what she would be like. I find it helps me guide my decision making and it gives me something to anchor myself, to come back to when I’m noticing doubt and that inner critic pipe up.

So – 2022 is the year of courage over here. Yeah it might sound a bit buzz-wordy but to me, it has deeper meaning:

Courage to be my full nerdy and socially awkward self – time to really embrace that I’m not for everyone and don’t have to be.

Courage to make decisions that align with my values and courage to say no to opportunities and people that are not. A lot easier to say right now than when I’m faced with these decisions… but something I want and need to practice.

Courage to push myself a bit more again after 18 months of much needed safety for this brain and body.

Courage to create what I want and need instead of trying to find it somewhere.

Courage to back myself and my vision – because right now doubting it and telling myself to quit feels a lot easier and safer.

Do you choose a guiding word/theme for the year? If so, what’s yours? 🤓