hey perfectionist

want to stop being a dick to yourself?

If you’re used to white-knuckling your way towards your goals but keep wondering if there’s a different way, a kinder, more sustainable way 

I’m here to tell you Yes, there is! 

Get shit done, finally - but without being a dick to yourself in the process

Your coaching journey is about to get interesting – together we’re going to figure out your goals and how to get there – with a compassionate twist. Our mission together is to value curiosity over perfection and bring gentle kindness into our exploration of your thoughts, self-talk, your stories and expectations, and how we might transform them from working against you to working for you.

Learn how to navigate your inner critic, get savvy with your self talk, and mind your mental wellbeing in a more compassionate way so that you can learn to use your mind as your ally instead of it talking you down all the time. 

Approach change and goals differently – from a place of curiosity rather than perfection, a place of more ease and flexibility and less harsh judgment..  Imagine being able to navigate this crazy life in a more peaceful way, with a lot more kindness – instead of the ‘willpower and discipline’ bullshit messaging you’re probably used to. 

If you’re ready to get exploring and figure out what’s going on – maybe nothing’s ‘broken’ exactly, you’re just wondering what’s holding you back or contemplating how your usual or previous approach isn’t  working well. 

Let’s dig into how your mindset, self-talk and general mental well-being intersect with everything else in your life and help you start to make some tweaks. So that you can be better equipped to handle setbacks and obstacles and still keep charging towards your goals – even on the days shit happens (because it will!)


Coaching is individualised to YOUR needs, goals and where you want the most support (you’ll indicate this on the application form).

Together we’ll cut through the bullshit coming at you from multiple directions because, let’s be honest – you need an approach that works for YOU and your unique circumstances! Put away the cookie-cutter plans and tools you’ve used before – we’re going to figure out what works for you!

what others are saying

how it works


apply for coaching

Fill in an application

This step does NOT lock you into anything just yet – it will help you articulate your current challenges and goals AND help me get to know you a little. Once you submit the form, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours with more info and to see if we’re a good fit. If we’re not, I’ll refer you to other coaches or resources. 


kick-off call


schedule your kick off call

If we decide we are a good fit, you’ll be onboarded and schedule in your kick-off session. This is where we’ll discuss your current challenges and what you want to focus on during your coaching journey. 



start your journey

coaching starts

Your coaching package begins after your kick-off call. We’ll check-in weekly (asynchronous or in a coaching call) and you’ll have chat access (24 hour turnaround) the entire time too.

coaching packages

Choose between the packages below – both include the kick-off call, chat support (24 hour turnaround) and additional resources to support you on your journey. The key difference is how we connect each week 🙂

The initial commitment is for 3 months – this allows you to really notice what’s going on and start to make some tweaks. After 3 months, you can choose to continue (and cancel with 30 days notice), drop to the alumni package (monthly check-in and continued chat support – US$35/mth) or fully exit coaching.

Inner Level

$ 129 Monthly
  • Weekly Video Check-Ins
  • Weekly Homework
  • Chat Support (24 hour turnaround)

Level Up

$ 249 Monthly
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Homework
  • Chat Support (24 hour turnaround)

Note: pricing above is in US dollars and NZ pricing is available to help you avoid the pesky exchange rate 🙂 If you need a ballpark, it’ll be around NZ$199 (Inner Level) and NZ$389 (Level Up)


alright, let’s do this!


Fill in the application form  to tell me a bit more about you and your current plans and challenges and I’ll get back to you within 48 hoursIf you’d rather have a quick chat, book in some time instead.

Filling in the form or booking a call doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything yet – that happens once we agree we’re a good fit, and once we sort payment and paperwork. If we don’t feel like a good fit I will point you to other more suitable coaches and resources – so either way you’ll be further ahead and closer to achieving your goals with more kindness and less judgment.

the fineprint

I’m sure you already know that mindfulness coaching is all about helping you build self-awareness, asking questions to prompt your thinking, giving you perspective and guidance BUT it’s NOT therapy.  I’m not a licensed medical professional or therapist and it’s outside my scope of practice to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. That said – therapy is awesome (huge fan!) and we will discuss if seeking professional help is needed/appropriate for your situation (and possibly the more appropriate choice)

Application form