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Hi, I'm Neens 👋🏻

A life Coach in
Wellington, NZ

It's time to stop procrasti-learning from podcasts and books!
Life coaching tailored to YOU so you actually get shit done!

Feel free to nod along if any of these resonate (maybe a little too much?):

🫣 You’re ready to work on some things that feel stuck and need a hand figuring out how to do that

🫣 You’re listening to ALL the podcasts and reading ALL the books but want something more so you can actually DO the things you’re learning about

🫣 You’re looking for a bit of accountability to prioritise yourself and your mental wellbeing – but without it feeling like a chore or one more thing on your to-do list

🫣 You’re keen as beans to learn some tools and techniques you can use across life and work and everything in-between so you’re a bit less of a dick to yourself when life gets lifey

If any of these did make you nod – you might want to keep reading!

I wanted to gain the tools to not feel overwhelmed by the way I operated. I knew I was capable of so much but the way I processed things was unhealthy and left me paralysed by my thoughts or made me give up all together and procrastinate. This program gave me tools that taught me how to progress gently and gave me the control i needed to take action by looking at my life through a better lens.


Challenging Your Thinking with Kindness and Curiosity: The Role of a Life Coach

Before you keep reading, I want to make something crystal clear – when you work with me, you don’t get a 10 step plan or any kind of template and you certainly won’t hear me tell you what to do. 

That’s all on you to figure out. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

As much as you may not want to hear this right now, you know yourself best. 

Maybe you just need someone looking in from the outside, highlighting things you can’t see because you’re IN it right now (that trees and forest saying comes to mind here…) and guiding you towards YOU figuring out what’s next.

There’s no fancy framework or super snazzy methodology here – just nudging (and sometimes poking) you into the direction YOU want to take things along with helping you managing your mind a bit differently.

Speaking of, mind management is a skill you can practise and get better at, just like playing the piano or skateboarding (2 things I’ve always wanted to learn).

My mission is to help YOU challenge YOUR thinking – from a place of kindness and curiosity, not self-judgement. 

I think being challenged a bit around some of my thoughts / statements – ‘is this really true… what evidence is there etc’ has actually been quite helpful – it really makes me dig deep and reflect on things and often helps me reframe my thoughts.
I also just love how you celebrate my wins and my progress – it’s really uplifting – like having a personal cheerleader (who still challenges me when I need it)


Hi, I'm Neens!

I’m a life coach with a not so typical approach to all this mindset stuff and I help perfectionists get shit done without shoulding all over themselves. 

I’ve made it my mission to help others realise that being your own bully isn’t a fun way to navigate life, especially when it gets a bit lifey – which it always does!

I’m here to show you that you can approach life and all the shit it throws at you from a place of kindness, compassion and curiosity. 

You’re capable of amazing things and you don’t have to keep judging yourself into changing!


Embrace Your Inner Badass: Get shit done with kindness

You can be a badass business owner, caring parent and all-round awesome human who gets shit done without being a dick to yourself.

Contrary to what we’ve been taught, you can learn to challenge your thinking in a kinder way, you can learn to put yourself first and you can do the hard thing while being less of a dick to yourself.

Life coaching is about YOU learning to recognise the fuck-its faster (also known as all-or-nothing thinking) and tell perfectionism to fuck off when it pops up – because let’s be honest, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

You don’t need another book, podcast or self-help guru to tell you what to do.


You might just need a sounding board and someone who can offer a different perspective when you can’t see anything but what your brain is trying to have you believe.

I’m really enjoying your approach

Giving me practical advice that I can apply to all areas of my life.  I feel like you really understand the areas I need help with and give such relevant thoughtful advice.


The application and onboarding process

  1. Fill out the application form. This doesn’t commit you to anything but it will help you articulate your current challenges and goals, and help me get to know you a little better. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to chat further.
  2. Payment and onboarding. If we decide we’re a good fit, you’ll make your first payment for the package you choose, complete onboarding and schedule in your kick-off call. This is where we’ll discuss your current challenges in detail and what you want to focus on during your coaching journey.
  3. Coaching starts. Your life coaching package begins after your kick-off session. We’ll check-in weekly (asynchronously or in a call depending on the package you choose) and you’ll have chat access to me (24 hour turnaround) the entire time as well. Each week you may get homework and/or additional resources (like podcasts) to further implement and practice what you’re learning. Notice the may here – some weeks you might not because of what else you’ve got going on or because we’re focusing on implementing and practicing a particular skill 🙂 

Life Coaching Packages - pick the level of support you need

base Package

weekly asynchronous coaching
$ 229 NZD, per month
  • Weekly check-ins with video feedback
  • Homework and other resources as needed
  • Chat support anytime (24 hour turnaround)

Shift package

the best of both worlds - async check-ins, monthly calls
$ 299 NZD, per month
  • Weekly check-ins with video feedback
  • Homework and other resources as needed
  • Chat support anytime (24 hour turnaround)
  • Monthly coaching calls to troubleshoot specific challenges

Level up package

weekly coaching calls
$ 399 NZD, per month
  • Weekly 30 min coaching calls
  • Homework and other resources as needed
  • Chat support anytime (24 hour turnaround)
  • 3x deep dive coaching calls - can be scheduled any time

Important Information

I ask that you commit to 3 months of life coaching initially. That’s because you won’t notice a huge difference after 2 weeks – this work isn’t about quick fixes. You didn’t become a dick to yourself overnight and you need time (and support) to practice and implement what you’re learning in coaching.

Note that sliding scale options are available upon request – please email me and I’ll share more information. If you’re based outside of Aotearoa New Zealand, the cost of the packages is US$149/month (Base), US$179/month (Shift)  and US$239/month (Level Up) respectively.

I’m sure you already know that life coaching is all about helping you build self-awareness, asking questions to prompt your thinking, giving you perspective and guidance BUT it’s NOT therapy.  I’m not a licensed medical professional or therapist and it’s outside my scope of practice to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. That said – therapy is awesome (huge fan!) and we will discuss if seeking professional help is needed for your situation (and possibly the more appropriate choice).

Not sure if life coaching is right for you?

You’re more than welcome to book in a quick chat if you’d like to (virtually) meet me first before making any decisions. I strongly believe in choice and having options so this is available to you if you need. This is a completely squirm-free chat about what’s going on for you – we’ll only talk about coaching if YOU want to 🙂

How it works: the button will take you to my scheduling page – simply pick a day and available time that works for you (note it might display New Zealand Time and you may need to use this converter to check your local time if you’re not from these parts) and you’ll get a Google Meet link emailed to you automatically. 

Can’t wait to chat!