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Oh hey there! Stoked to see you navigating these pages – it means you’re curious! It means you want to explore change and (more importantly) you want to explore mindset coaching. Let’s keep going then, ok?

At Inner Level Coaching we coach you to help you achieve your goals – but with a compassionate twist. Our mission is to foster curiosity over perfection after all.


Curiosity is one of our core values – approaching life and challenging situations with an open mind, wanting to enquire and discover and find out things. About our thoughts, our self-talk, our stories and expectations.

Let's get real for a minute

How’s that perfectionism going for you? As much as it sucks to have to tell you but it isn’t getting you anywhere – if anything it just sets you up for failure. It goes hand in hand with all-or-nothing thinking which isn’t really helpful when you’re navigating a setback or pursuing a goal (or both because it all intersects)!

If you’re used to white-knuckling your way towards your goals but keep wondering if there’s a different way, then we’re here to tell you Yes, there is! 

We truly believe every human needs to learn how to navigate their mental wellbeing in a more compassionate way, approach change and goals differently and with a lot more kindness instead of the willpower and discipline bullshit messaging out there. Hence curiosity over perfection.

To quote Adam Grant: “coaching is about partnership, collaboration and believing in potential.” And that’s exactly what you’ll get here at Inner Level Coaching. 

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1:1 Coaching

This is for you if you’re ready to get exploring and figure out what's going on - our mission is to help you understand how your mindset, self-talk and general mental well-being intersect with everything else in your life and help you start to make some tweaks.

The Inner Compass

A curriculum based group coaching experience with cohorts running multiple times a year. This program is a gentle introduction to self-discovery, personal growth and what we like to call the inner work over here.

First cohort of 2022 starts on 21 February! Enrolment opens 24 January

1:1 Mindset Coaching

Having a coach is like having a sounding board available whenever you need it, someone who can give you a different perspective when you can’t see anything but what your brain is trying to have you believe – which may or may not be hard cold facts. 

Yes we’re here to help you achieve your goals but during our time together you will also learn some basic concepts and tools (so you can understand what’s going on) but more importantly, you’ll also learn how to apply them in your life.

Your coach will be there to guide you & hold space, nudge you and even poke you a bit, if that’s what you need at that point in time.

If this sounds a bit generic to you, it’s because 1:1 mindset coaching is highly individualised. What you need will depend on your goals and where you want the most support and won’t be the same as what another client needs.

The examples below may give you an idea of what we can help you with

What others are saying

Ultimately though – we’re here to support you and guide you! Together we’ll cut through the bullshit coming at you from multiple directions because let’s be honest – you need an approach that works for YOU and your unique circumstances!

The deets

We’ll initially work together for 3 months – this is not only so we can get to know each other but especially to give you space to implement and practice what you’ll be learning.

Coaching starts with a kick-off call to get to know each other, discuss where you may want focussed support and what you want to get out of our time together. We’ll map out a bit of a plan (we’re quite fond of those in this corner of the internet) and then get things started.

During these 3 months we’ll check-in weekly where you will complete a detailed check-in form and in turn you’ll receive personalised mindset coaching (via video or voice message) to support you based on where you want to be – this can look like asking you more questions and/or giving you other additional resources (I LOVE giving clients homework 🤓😆)

The cost

1:1 coaching starts at US$139/month (NZ$ 199) and you’ll be charged monthly. After these first 3 months you will have an option to renew (we may review how we work together/how often we chat). If we decide to part ways, you will receive an offboarding pack so you’re still supported long after we’ve worked together.

Note that you can upgrade your check-ins to weekly coaching calls at an additional cost of US$99/month (NZ$150).

The fineprint

I’m a great listener and will ask you questions to get you thinking. Mindset coaching is about giving you perspective and guidance BUT it is NOT therapy.  I am not a licensed medical professional or therapist and it is outside my scope of practice to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. That said – therapy is awesome (huge fan!) and we will discuss if seeking professional help is needed/appropriate for your situation.

Ready to do this?

Fill in the application form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours – the form will tell us a bit more about you and we can figure out if we’re a good fit and if so, agree next steps. If you’d rather have a quick chat, feel free to book in a call using the calendar form instead.

To be clear:  filling in the form or booking a call doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything yet – that happens as part of payment and signing a contract. I also want you to know that I will point you to other coaches and resources if I don’t think we’re a good fit!

Coaching Application Form

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Got questions? You’re welcome to email me so we can get you sorted. If you’d rather arrange a quick chat, you can book some time using the form below