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1:1 coaching for
recovering perfectionists

Are you feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction, and unsure where to even start when it comes to being less of a dick to yourself?

Maybe you’ve tried journaling, listened to podcasts, and you like the ideas – but you want some support to actually put them into practice?

Or perhaps some of these resonate – (some maybe a little too much?)

  • You’ve had a shit year (who hasn’t…?) and want to get out of survival mode
  • You need help with something but you’re not looking for therapy or counselling (yet)
  • You’re ready to work on some mental things that feel stuck
  • You’ve googled ‘life coaching’ but didn’t vibe with anything you’ve found so far
  • You’re looking for a bit of accountability to do some of this inner work – but without it feeling like a chore, or one more thing on your to-do list
  • You’re eager to learn and practice tools and techniques you can use across life and work

If so, take a tiny, small bit of comfort that it’s not just you. So many people have been struggling during these past few challenging years, feeling broken and beaten down. But there’s hope! You’re in the right place. 

I can help

I’m Neens, Hi 👋🏻 

You can read more about me here if you like

I’m here to be your personal guide. 

Together, we’ll explore your thoughts, self-talk, and expectations, and work to transform them from working against you to working for you.

Think of me like a personal trainer for your brain*, except instead of handing you dumbbells I’ll give you skills and techniques that help you win more arm wrestles with your inner critic, get savvy and strong with your self talk, and mind your mental wellbeing.

*I’m no drill-sergeant and will not scream at you or tell you exactly what to do – that’s on you to figure out. I’ll be guiding and nudging you from afar to help you build your ‘mind management muscles’ so you can learn to work with your brain and all the wonderful (yet sometimes frustrating!) things it does to keep you safe.

Before you know it you’ll be able to solve weighty problems on many different levels, with ease, just like Emma did:

I feel like this has been such a worthwhile investment, both for myself personally and for my business. A lot of what I have achieved over the past few months can be credited back to you.

IMAGINE being able to navigate this crazy life in a more peaceful way, with a lot more kindness (TO YOURSELF!) - instead of relying on willpower and discipline.

With my help, you too can see real gains as you begin to approach change and goals differently, with more ease, flexibility, and less harsh judgment (aka less being a total dick to yourself). 

I’ll provide you with a gentle introduction to self-discovery, personal growth, and what I like to call the inner work. 

I’ll be your sounding board, providing a different perspective when you can’t see anything but what your brain is trying to have you believe. I’ll also give you concepts and tools to help you stop overthinking and getting trapped in perfectionism, and guide you through applying them in your life.


So - are you ready?

Take control and start strength training your brain and sign up for 1:1 coaching today. 

Together, we’ll cut through the bullshit, find an approach that works for you and your unique circumstances, and work towards YOU creating YOUR best life.

(this button will take you to the application form to get the ball rolling)

want to have a chat first?

You’re more welcome to book in a quick chat if you’d like to meet me first before making any decisions. I believe in choice and giving you options is important to me so you also won’t hear me attempt to chat to you about coaching unless the conversation heads in that direction 🙂

Simply pick a day and time using the booking form that works for you (note it displays New Zealand Time and you may need to use this converter to check your local time) and you’ll get a Google Meet link emailed to you automatically. 

I can’t wait to chat!

Obviously don’t just take my word for it – read what others are saying about my coaching in the testimonials below. 

I'm recognising some of my unhelpful thought patterns and starting to re-frame them. It makes such a difference having that 1:1 feedback and being accountable.

I wanted to gain the tools to not feel overwhelmed by the way I operated. I knew I was capable of so much but the way I processed things was unhealthy and left me paralysed by my thoughts or made me give up all together and procrastinate. This program gave me tools that taught me how to progress gently and gave me the control i needed to take action by looking at my life through a better lens.

how it works

  1. Fill out the application form. This doesn’t commit you to anything but it will help you articulate your current challenges and goals, and help me get to know you a little better. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to chat further.
    I totally understand if you’d like to chat to me first so you can also book in a no obligation call OR email me and we’ll go from there. Choice and having options are important to me so we’ll do this in whatever way works best for you. We can also chat on Voxer or WhatsApp or IG 🙂
  2. Payment and onboarding. If we decide we’re a good fit, you’ll make your first payment for the package you choose, complete onboarding and schedule in your kick-off session. This is where we’ll discuss your current challenges in detail and what you want to focus on during your coaching journey.
  3. Coaching starts. Your coaching package begins after your kick-off session. We’ll check-in weekly (asynchronously or in a call depending on the package you choose) and you’ll have chat access to me (24 hour turnaround) the entire time as well. Each week you may get homework and/or additional resources (like podcasts) to further implement and practice what you’re learning. Notice the may here – some weeks you might not because of what else you’ve got going on or because we’re focusing on implementing and practicing a particular skill 🙂

your options


weekly asynchronous coaching
$ 249 NZD, per month
  • Weekly check-ins with video feedback
  • Homework and other resources as needed
  • Chat support anytime (24 hour turnaround)
  • 2 optional coaching calls (you choose if/when you need them)

Level up

weekly coaching calls
$ 429 NZD, per month
  • Weekly 30 min coaching calls
  • Homework and other resources as needed
  • Chat support anytime (24 hour turnaround)
  • 2x deep dive coaching calls (60 mins)


I ask that you commit to 3 months of coaching initially. That’s because you won’t notice a huge difference after 2 weeks – this work isn’t about quick fixes. You didn’t become a dick to yourself overnight and you need time (and support) to practice and implement what you’re learning in coaching.

Note that sliding scale options are available upon request – please email me and I’ll share more information.

I’m sure you already know that coaching is all about helping you build self-awareness, asking questions to prompt your thinking, giving you perspective and guidance BUT it’s NOT therapy.  I’m not a licensed medical professional or therapist and it’s outside my scope of practice to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. That said – therapy is awesome (huge fan!) and we will discuss if seeking professional help is needed/appropriate for your situation (and possibly the more appropriate choice).

some more kind words

Nina really meets you where you are and is supportive to each clients needs. She is always around and is never too busy if you need help. She is resourceful and has an array of tools, articles and podcasts to help you on your journey. I’m really don’t think I could have navigated through the pandemic in the US without her. She really does coach from an “inner level” perspective.

Nina was able to listen, understand and apply useful wellbeing tools and techniques that would go on to make an enormous difference to my physical performance because I was able to focus on the task at hand. I’ve managed to continue to use the tools she provided long after Fight Night, and have found them useful in day-to-day life as well when things start getting tough.