Falling off the wagon…

This has gotta be one of the biggest gripes I have with the language we use around development, goals and making plans.

What is this mythical wagon? Where is it taking us? Why is falling off the wagon seen as a bad thing?

Let’s actually use the metaphor and imagine you’re on your way to the next city closest to you, on top of an actual wagon (let’s also imagine time travel was invented because not a lot people still use those kinds of wagons…).

So you actually fall off the wagon before you get to that city.

And you try and figure out where you are and how to get back on the road at least, maybe catch a ride on another wagon…

But then you stumble on this most amazing forest with some weird, cute AF animal that you’ve never heard of standing in some clearing with sunlight shining through the tree tops. Like you can’t believe your eyes and are in total awe of nature and its beauty (we’re going for a big dramatic effect here).

I think you know where I’m going with this… you’d never seen the animal if you hadn’t fallen off the wagon…

My point here is this:

Can we stop being dicks to ourselves by using some of the crappy language that insinuates that we’ve done something wrong when actually, life got lifey (almost always out of our control) and maybe we just didn’t have the skills to navigate that situation AND work towards our goals?

Because becoming aware of our internal mind chatter, choosing to challenge our own thoughts and working on identifying what we can and can’t control are skills.

Skills you can learn and practice.

If you’d like help to learn and practice those skills, I have 2x 1:1 coaching spots available for the remainder of the year.