it’s time to get curious

and figure out life on your terms


Listen - you're capable of amazing things!

You’re not perfect but that’s ok – even though that admission scares the shit out of you. 

You have ideas and goals and plans for this wonderful life of yours to make it even more awesome.

But the things you’ve tried don’t seem to work for you – well all those plans, challenges and bootcamps work for a while but then they don’t…

Which makes you wonder if it’s you and you end up questioning yourself, tell yourself you aren’t disciplined enough or that you don’t want it ‘badly enough’… (ugh)

I’ll get straight to the point (and sorry not sorry for shouting):


Challenges are short lived and will often use less sustainable methods to promise you a result or tRaNsFoRmAtIoN.

They’re one-size-fits-all and follow a cookie-cutter template – meaning they don’t see the human that you are with all the crap you deal with. Put simply – they are not made for YOU!

how would it feel if...

  • you learn how to ditch the all-or-nothing thinking and figure out life on YOUR terms.
  • you learn how to actually implement what you already know?
  • you live by rules YOU created instead of someone else’s?
  • You get to make plans that adapt with what’s going on?
  • You are making time for what’s important to you – even if that looks different day to day
  • You don’t get down on yourself when shit happens because you know how to RESPOND (not react)
  • You know how to manage your fucks (aka boundaries)
  • You start to root for yourself instead of shoulding all over the place.


The inner compass

This 8 week group coaching experience is a guided journey of self-discovery and a jumpstart for your growth journey – where you will learn how to become more aware of what’s going on, how that influences you and how to work with all that instead of having it work against you. In short – you’ll learn how to achieve your goals without being a dick to yourself in the process!!

Say good-bye to overthinking and perfectionism – you’re going to learn how to start to let that shit go and focus on small changes that you can implement in your life, right now.
Together we’ll start to uncover and unlearn stories that are no longer true for you and work on helping you figure out what progress towards your goals looks like – on YOUR terms!

The Inner Compass is different from other group programs because we focus on helping you understand what’s going on for YOU – so you can leverage your unique circumstances to create the awesome life you’ve been working towards.

what you get inside TIC

All the info you need

Enrolment opens 20 June and closes 8 July

We get started the week of 11 July

the investment

The cost of this program is $357 – with an option to add 1:1 support for $197 (total cost $544).

There are different payment plans available depending on your current situation:

1 payment of $357 – 2x payments of $178.50 – 3x payments of $119 (you can add the 1:1 support to these plans – just let me know if you’re interested to do that)

These prices are in US$ – if you’re based in Aotearoa or none of these options work for you then email me and let’s see if we can work something out.

A snippet of what we'll cover

Week 1: What’s going on?

Week 2: Who are you and who do you want to be?

Week 3: What are you thinking and saying? 

Week 4: Deep dive on perfectionism and the rules and shoulds in your life 

Week 5: Catch up/implementation week 

Week 6: What is going on around you + sleep and stress

Week 7: Habits and routines

Week 8: Self-inquiry and reflection

who The Inner Compass is for

If any of the below makes you go “Yup that’s me!“ then the Inner Compass is a good fit!

  • Do you spend a lot of time in your own head?
  • Would you describe yourself as an overthinker or worrier or even a perfectionist?
  • You know a lot of what you need to do but you’re struggling with the how and something isn’t quite clicking yet
  • You enjoy making action plans but you get caught up in the perfection of it instead of making it realistic for where you are right now
  • Have you used the word fail or failure lately (esp when thinking and talking about yourself)?
  • Do you have a hard time saying no to others?

time to get curious

what if you get to do life on your terms?

Hi! I’m Neens – a mindfulness coach for burnt out overthinkers and perfectionists who are ready top stop being dicks to themselves and want to approach their goals from a place of ease, curiosity and compassion!

Think of me as your personal curator of information to enable YOU to make lasting changes.

I consider it my purpose in life to help you get out of your head and stop chasing perfectionism so you can start to understand what’s actually going on for YOU and how to leverage your unique circumstances to ultimately create the awesome life you’ve already been working towards.

Why you ask? Well, I used to spend a fair share of my time in my own head, overthinking, worrying and trying to anticipate and plan everything to the point that I didn’t take any action.

I created this group program for the people-pleasers, overthinkers and perfectionists out there who drop everything for others around them and fail to put themselves first.

As they say on the plane – you need to put your own mask on before you assist others and the same applies to your life too! This program is here to help you figure out what that looks like for you without any woo-woo or BS quick fixes!

I can’t wait to meet you inside The Inner Compass!


what previous participants have to say

common questions

The program includes both pre-recorded video trainings and live group coaching calls which are scheduled over the course of 8 weeks as well as a small supportive community on Slack to chat in-between calls. You also receive a workbook every week to dig into each theme further along with some ‘homework’ (these are recommended resources like podcasts and articles – so not mandatory but highly recommended 😉 )

All calls will be recorded and available for some time after our time together ends. You will be able to download the recordings and I will let you know when you lose access.

The video trainings are 20 minutes or less and you get to decide how much time you spend going through the workbooks and homework. I recommend 1-2 hours a week but you can split that up however it works for you. The live calls are scheduled for an hour but may go on longer depending on how much fun we’re having 🙂 You can always join for as long as you’re able – remember they’ll be recorded.

While I created this as a group coaching experience and believe in the benefits of learning within a community, the calls are not mandatory at all. You can join and leave as needed, leave your camera off and only share/participate as that feels available to you. All calls will be recorded and are available for download for a few weeks after the program ends too.

This is not in my scope of practice to answer so I recommend you consult with your therapist or primary care team. I’m a huge proponent of therapy and believe this program would be a great addition but it does NOT replace therapy or counseling as I’m not a licensed mental health professional.

To be honest, I’m done chasing a goal to make my body smaller or bigger and want to do my bit to dismantle diet-culture. There is so much BS messaging in the health/fitness/wellness space (30 day shred anyone? FFS) and I teach the opposite of that in this program. Perfectionism and restriction isn’t going to get you anywhere. That said, can you apply what you learn to a weight loss or muscle building goal? Sure.

You may already be familiar with some of the topics we’ll be discussing but personal growth and inner work are what I like to call a forever work in progress so chances are, you’ll learn something new or at least be able to get a different perspective on it. Oh and you’ll be working through things with other like minded humans which makes this a different (and amazing) experience than if you were doing it on your own.

I want to keep this program accessible as I believe everyone should know these things so email me and let’s work something out.

Of course you can and I hope you’re already a regular over on IG 😉 A lot of this information is indeed readily available but you will have to sift through it all to figure out what applies to you in the first place and then how to apply it.

By creating this program I’ve taken care of that for you so not only do you get access to the information in a more meaningful way but you get access to coaching in our calls and via the Slack community.

I want to shout Fuck yes but it’s not my place to do so – only you know when you’re safe BUT I will do what I can to make this space judgment free and where you can interact in a way that feels best for you.

While most of my clients have been women, I believe anyone should learn this stuff!

So to be clear – no matter how you identify, if you’re comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women, you are welcome here.

I don’t know what programs you’ve done so to be honest, I can’t comment on how it compares.

What I can tell you is that this program is a mix of educational content, live coaching AND a community of like-minded humans. Most programs offer one or the other, not all 3!

Lastly – as with most things in life, you get out what you put in! As one of my wise mentors says: Coaching only works if you do 🙂

Yes – group coaching is my jam and my ultimate goal is to offer this program several times throughout the year. At this point I’m planning to launch the next cohort later in 2022.

a few more important things

I stand against racism and believe that black lives matter, indigenous lives matter, BIPOC lives matter, LBGTQ+ lives matter, trans lives matter.

If you don’t share these beliefs then I recommend you don’t sign up for this program or any form of coaching with me.

I’m not claiming to have all the answers but I am here to guide you through these 8 weeks and will be doing the work alongside you too! This inner work never really stops.

An important disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional and cannot provide any medical advice. I’m a huge fan of using additional support and believe this program is a great addition to therapy or counselling