Hi, I'm Neens - life & mindset coach for perfectionists

Wellington, New Zealand

Get shit done - without shoulding all over yourself

mindset coaching for perfectionists

You can achieve your goals and get shit done – but doing it YOUR way and with more curiosity and less self-judgment while you do it. 

Yes, growth is hard. It’s meant to be a bit shit sometimes too because that’s how we learn. 

But unlike what some mindset coaches and personal development gurus will tell you, it’s not about willpower and discipline or white-knuckling your way through a plan just to tell yourself how much of a shitshow you are when life gets lifey and you can’t follow the plan perfectly anymore.

No – the way we do coaching here is focused on being curious and compassionate and learning mind management skills you can use in all sorts of situations, whenever you need them – so you can still get shit done when life gets lifey (because it will!)

I have managed to organise my systems to make both home and work life a lot easier. It has been a lot easier for me to cope when tricky situations arise.


Overcoming Setbacks with mindset coaching:
From Pity Parties to Personal Growth

Five-ish years ago I found myself in quite the shitty headspace. We’re talking feeling down a lot, the inner critic having a field day and adult sized tantrums because things were a bit shit.

I had just been diagnosed with a hip injury (that eventually needed surgery) which was just the latest in a string of injuries and setbacks in the gym. Cue pity parties almost every day and wishing the injuries away (cause that’s how this works, right?) so everything could go back to ‘normal’…

Then something changed – I got curious and began to wonder if there was another way to navigate what I was dealing with. I started to develop an interest in personal growth and self-development. I started to read, listen and watch anything I could get my hands on and over time developed strategies and tools to help me take charge of my thoughts and mindset again.

That experience led me on my path of wanting to support others as a coach, especially the overthinkers and perfectionists out there. So here I am – a life & mindset coach who helps you get shit done without shoulding all over yourself.

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3 random facts about me

I was born and raised in Wuppertal, Germany but you wouldn’t know it if you hear me talk – no accent here!

Coffee didn’t appeal to me until my mid 20s but since then I can’t get enough! My favourite way to enjoy it is Americano style.

I enjoy powerlifting style training sprinkled in with a bit of running (when I’m not rehabbing a herniated disc in my back) and am very privileged to have a home gym where I can lift to my heart’s content. When I’m not doing that, I explore the Wellington hills (and beaches!) with my lab pup Chewie



Certifications are awesome and I’m a strong believer in continuing education so you can read up on mine below. I will add though that knowledge means sweet FA if you don’t apply it – which is why I will also share and discuss my lived experiences as appropriate.

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification
Girls Gone Strong L1 Women’s Coaching Specialist
New Zealand Certificate in Sports Coaching
Graduate Diploma in Arts – Psychology – in progress 

mindset coach nz

My Values

I stand against racism and believe that indigenous lives matter, BIPOC lives matter, LBGTQ+ lives matter, trans lives matter. Continuous (un) learning and challenging my own world views and how I’ve benefited from my white privilege is very important to me. 
I’m also a firm believer in science and critical thinking and the tools and strategies used inside ILC coaching programs are rooted in peer-reviewed, evidence-based research.

Curiosity is one of the core values of Inner Level Coaching and this encompasses continuing education along with understanding that we all learn and communicate differently.


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