get shit done without being a dick to yourself in the process!

Welcome to inner level coaching!

Over here my mission to foster your curiosity – curiosity about why your mental wellbeing matters and how your mindset, self-talk and beliefs intersect with everything you do in life. I want to help you let go of perfectionism, all or nothing thinking and all the BS messaging out there telling you that there is only one way to achieve change and growth. 

Spoiler alert: there isn’t!

I’m here to provide you the knowledge, tools and skills so you can stop overthinking, procrastinating and white-knuckling yourself into change (that won’t last) – and instead navigate life more compassionately and achieve your goals in a sustainable way!

Have you found yourself wondering what it's like to...

… discover what truly matters to you – and what you couldn’t care less about?

…ditch the all-or-nothing thinking and figure out life on YOUR terms?

…start rooting for yourself instead of shoulding all over the place?


1:1 Coaching Containers

Personalised strategies and support to help you figure out what’s going on and where and how to start making tweaks. Weekly check-ins to guide you and provide feedback so you can keep moving forward. You can start anytime!

The Inner Compass - Group Coaching

This program is a gentle introduction to self-discovery, personal growth and guides you through some of the major concepts and tools used in the mental wellbeing, growth and development space.
Enrolment for the next round will likely open in June/July 2022

Meet Neens

Coffee Enthusiast. Lifelong learner. Dog Mum to Chewie. Recent Waffle Convert. Mindset Geek. Chocolate Connoisseur. Psychology Student. Cookbook Collector.  Podcast Host.

I’m also the founder and CCO (Chief Curiosity Officer) of Inner Level Coaching and a self-proclaimed personal growth junkie.

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