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Navigating Life Can Be Hard

We don’t learn how to NOT be dicks to ourselves.

We navigate life shoulding ourselves into decisions, following rules someone else made up for us and we don’t challenge our own thinking.

I’m here to change that. 

To remind you that your brain won’t always tell you the truth and that you can learn how to gently challenge your own thoughts. 

To help you make your own rules for how you’ll navigate life or a particular goal (btw – they aren’t separate…!) so you can get shit done – but without white-knuckling your way there.

Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Neens, your not so typical life & mindset coach 

Nina helped me refocus and identify why my progress had slowed, first we worked on understanding the blockers I was facing and how they were impacting both my training and mindset. Next, we moved on to getting past those blockers using helpful tips, tricks and personal insights from her own training.


Life & Mindset Coaching That Helps You

discover what truly matters to you – and what you couldn’t care less about

ditch the all-or-nothing thinking and figure out life on YOUR terms

start rooting for yourself instead of shoulding all over the place

Hi, I'm Neens 👋🏻

I’ve made it my mission to help others realise that being your own bully isn’t a fun way to navigate life, especially when it gets a bit lifey – which it always does! I’m here to show you that you can approach life and all the things it throws at you from a place of compassion and curiosity about what you’re capable of instead of judging yourself and feeling like you need to be fixed. You don’t!

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so you can get shit done with more kindness and less shoulding all over yourself

Zara’s wins after 3 months of coaching:
Setting my core values and truly understanding what it means to live by these. Trying to weave these into every day life. Taking time every week to focus on me. Getting clear on what is important. Discovering more of what makes me tick. Appreciating the small things, as they really are the big things.

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that help you be less of a dick to yourself

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